learn how to write a life story


always wanted to write your life story?

Would you love to write your life story for your family or friends? Perhaps you’ve been struggling to make sense of it and capture it on the page or screen. Or you simply don’t know where to start.

Never fear – I’m going to change all that.

Creative ways to write your life story

In my free talks, I will show you creative ways to deliver your life story. You don’t need previous writing experience – all you need is a story to tell.

I offer a welcoming, friendly environment for you to explore what you want to say and learn how best to say it.



I’ll take you through the essential techniques for successful storytelling. And you’ll learn how to hook your readers’ attention and keep it.

why write your life story?

When you write your life story, you’re capturing and preserving all the details of your unique life experiences. If you record it, you can create your own piece of family history.

Here are just a few reasons you may want to write your life story:

  • Your family wants it for themselves and future generations
  • You don’t want your stories to be lost
  • You want to give your story as a gift to a friend or family member
  • You want to write your family history for your loved ones to treasure after you’re gone
  • You want to learn more about creative writing – telling your story is a great starting point


how to begin your writing journey?

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